Survival In the End of the World


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575 Chapters · 42 Readers
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Chen Yi, the world’s top biologist, was sentenced to life imprisonment for creating cold-resistant and heat-resistant poisonous mosquitoes. He may have deserved the crime. He was struck by lightning. Chen Yi traveled to a world where women are superior to men, A global rain of blood, the end of the world is coming, When the red sun is in the sky, the divine power is revived, and zombies, alien beasts, divine beasts, and ancient gods will reappear. How can he survive in this cruel and opportunistic world? PS: The author is a cute new cat. He works hard to learn to write. Every day I use small meat claws to code words. Please advise me if I don’t write well. Thank you, love you meow~ PS: The protagonist is not the Virgin, not cool and brainless, the story is very long, starting from one million, ten million capped, honing the writing, come on~


  • Survival In the End of the World
  • 女尊世界之末世求生
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