Doomsday: I Have a God-level Villa末世:我有一栋神级别墅

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670 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Hei Tian

Novel Summary

The end of the world is coming and everything is lost. When even those with strong abilities have to run around for food and clothing, Sedum is trapped in a magical villa and acts as a salted fish. It is safe to eat and drink. “Huh? You are promoted to the realm after eating the buns I made?” “The practice method of copying casually is regarded as a fairy book?” “Even ordinary energy sources such as hydropower have to be robbed?” The common things in the villa were all rushed by the survivors. And Sedum, an ordinary person who could not cultivate, was regarded as the savior of the gods by those strong. “Oh, I really just want to be a big salted fish, shit and strong, that’s just borrowing my apprentice’s ability!” Jing Tian said helplessly.


TitleDoomsday: I Have a God-level Villa
Raw Title末世:我有一栋神级别墅
Addition DateApril 2, 2023
AuthorHei Tian
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TagsNaive Protagonist,Overpowered Protagonist,Post-apocalyptic,Protagonist Strong from the Start,System