Douluo: The Legendary Hegemony of Douluo


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Chen Xiu’er, a generation of Tianjiao, was so handsome by herself. After crossing to the Tangmen of Bashu, she happened to meet Tang San who jumped off the cliff. Tang San kicked the ghost and felt sad! But God rewarded his life, he was born again. Faced with the incident that she had traveled twice, Chen Xiu’er said that she must avenge that foot! But after understanding Tang San’s background… The Holy Spirit Church is established! ! (Anti-Tang San Alliance!) “If you don’t enter the Holy Spirit Cult in this life, even heroes are in vain. Today, we are here as an alliance! Long live the Holy Spirit!” The Evil Soul Master came out because of him, so he was also honored as the Evil Soul Patriarch! Chen Xiuer said that I am just a scholar, a scholar who dares to experiment. Nine trials of Poseidon, nine trials of Rakshasa, Shura and Raksha, who is the master? Wuhun: Wanxiang (looting by copying) Wuhun: Heavenly Court (stored in Fusion) — Say it beforehand: The back of the game is biased towards the dark, the male protagonist is the villain, opposed to Tang San, and is a mode of vying for development with Tang San The hero is not invincible, he is just shameless. This work has a large span and may also include Douluo 2.3


  • Douluo: The Legendary Hegemony of Douluo
  • 斗罗之万相斗罗
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