Super Evolution Base Island


541 Chapters
18 Readers
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541 Chapters · 18 Readers
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Author:Xu Xu Cang Lan

Novel Summary

I can make a difference in your life. You deserve it. The energy I can bring to you will exceed your imagination! The base island is in hand, everything in the world. Under the guidance of a robot uncle, Yu Xiaohu inherited a super-evolved base island and became the master of the super island. With the help of top technology, he quickly became a handsome man with a wealth of wealth, went to the top of his life career, and established the imperial power No longer a dream. Black technology at hand, everything is possible!


TitleSuper Evolution Base Island
Raw Title超级进化基地岛
Addition DateApril 17, 2023
AuthorXu Xu Cang Lan
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All Time Rank#2032
TagsAmusement Park,Cheats,Domestic Affairs,Doting Parents,Evil Organizations,Evolution,Handsome Male Lead,Kingdom Building,Mutated Creatures,Mysterious Family Background,Pill Concocting,Poor to Rich,Pregnancy,Rape,Scientists,Slow Growth at Start,Stubborn Protagonist,Technological Gap,Time Skip