Overlord of the Demon Realm


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550 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Carrying one’s memories, and going through the cycle of rebirth! In the era of the Federation, Earth has been divided into 24 time zones, corresponding with the 16 regions of the game played across the world, ‘Demon Realm’. On the day ‘Demon Realm’ is released to the public, in the Sixth Region – Yggdmillennia, a soul unlike any other has been ushered in. *Summary from Raw site:* The top swordsman Ye Kong in the game “Magic”, on the eve of the tenth expansion, Saints, was wanted by the entire guild because of the hidden “Holy Grain”, and was eventually forced to fall into the building, but was reborn to six years. before! This year, the “Magic Land” developed by the federal government is about to be tested publicly to ease the employment problem of the entire society. This year, the top players who have undergone internal testing are flexing their muscles in preparation for a career. This year, the major chaebols and group companies have long noticed the existence of “Magic Realm”, have invested a lot of money, and established a large game guild. This year, Ye Kong’s sister, Ye Bai, has not yet learned of the fact that she is sick. Carrying the memory of rebirth, Ye Kong vowed to change everything and make up for his regrets!


  • Overlord of the Demon Realm
  • 魔境主宰
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