Rumor Has It That I’m Pregnant with His Highness’ Child惊!全京城都在吃我和王爷的瓜

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599 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Da Guo Li

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Yu curled back to ancient times and became the eldest daughter of the official family. Does her father love her mother at home? It doesn't matter, just eat and drink! Brother and sister don't take her seriously? It's alright, the bear boy will be fine if he doesn't obey. Can't even eat a stir-fry in ancient times? Don't panic, she's the chef herself. ... Suddenly, a shocking melon burst out in Beijing—— The eldest Miss of the Yu family has a private life with King Lang Jun, and she is pregnant with a child! The party Yu Weiwei said, rumors! All are rumors! However, before she could come forward to clarify, an imperial decree descended from the sky to marry her and Prince Lang! Yu Niaowei was struck by lightning, and her whole body went numb. Who is Prince Lang? That is the living King of Hell who holds great power and kills like numbness! Its vicious name can stop children from crying, and make all officials change their color when they hear it. Facing the dangerous man who came step by step, she shivered with fear. "Hey, I was wrong, I'm actually not pregnant!" Prince Lang: "It's okay, it's too late to get pregnant now." Yu curling: ? ? ? ... The writing style is relaxed and sand sculpture, 1v1 mutual favor, stable daily update, welcome to collect~


TitleRumor Has It That I’m Pregnant with His Highness’ Child
Raw Title惊!全京城都在吃我和王爷的瓜
Addition DateJuly 25, 2022
AuthorDa Guo Li
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TagsHandsome Male Lead,Pregnancy,Female Protagonist