I Signed In To Become A Sword Saint in Shu Mountain我在蜀山签到成剑圣

210 Chapters
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210 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Wei Dao Shi Cong

Novel Summary

Gu Ling traveled to the world where warriors and immortals were rampant. Because he had no qualifications, he could only be a handyman in Shushan. Fortunately, the awakening sign-in system. Sign in to Jianchi and get the supreme sword canon! Sign in in front of the stone statue of the ancestor of Shu Mountain and get the Yujian Jue. Sign in to the sword furnace and get the supreme sword bone. Fifty years later, the demon attacked Shushan, invincible all the way, until it came to the ancient tomb that was sweeping the floor… ps: Invincible text, kill decisively, don’t kneel and lick


TitleI Signed In To Become A Sword Saint in Shu Mountain
Raw Title我在蜀山签到成剑圣
Addition DateMay 2, 2023
AuthorWei Dao Shi Cong
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TagsBusiness Management,Male Protagonist,Overpowered Protagonist,Sword Wielder,System