The Big Brother’s Little Ancestor is So Sweet快穿之大佬的小祖宗甜爆了

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597 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Wu Nai Mu Mu

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[Full text is free, the new book has been published, please support] Healing Cookies, Shuangjie 1v1 Shiyou was bound by the rescue villain system, and asked her to go to the world of books, save the beautiful and powerful villains, lead him on the right path, and avoid the fate of blackening and being cannon fodder. When we first met— System: The host must be a cute little sweet. Shiyou’s head is full of black lines: No… I’m not, don’t talk nonsense. Later- System: Compared with the villain, the host is more like a blackened object. Shiyou: Should you tell the stupid system that it tied the wrong person. When Shiyou was about to unbind, the man trapped her tightly in his arms and begged in a low voice: You must dare to leave, believe it or not, I will die for you… Shiyou: QAQ, they all say that he is the villain, and it is terrible to be blackened. In fact, he is very good at coaxing. As long as I smile, he is willing to give me his life. #Meet you, the broken me finally becomes complete# Remark: 1. Sweet pet text, Sususu! So cool! Strong women and men are also strong and love each other. 2. Ying Zhan vs Shiyou, the male protagonist is the same person, and each world will pass his life until the male protagonist dies.


TitleThe Big Brother’s Little Ancestor is So Sweet
Raw Title快穿之大佬的小祖宗甜爆了
Addition DateMay 7, 2023
AuthorWu Nai Mu Mu
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TagsDevoted Love Interests,Doting Love Interests,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,System,World Hopping