Quick Transmigration Live Broadcast: The Villain Boss is the Female Emperor!


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[Sweet and cool pet, 1V1] The arrogant and beautiful headline queen, the dark and cruel campus holy spirit, the mad concubine who looks at everything, the cruel tyrant who rules the world… it’s all her! The jade-faced scholar who has bloodwashed the rivers and lakes, the wicked and indulgent imperial evil young man, the arrogant demon emperor who upsets all living beings, the black-bellied evildoer’s curse… it’s all him! When she abused a scumbag and a bitch woman into a dog, she met him—— Who is stalking whom, who is hunting whom? Three thousand planes allowed her to shuttle, but she was the only one who could not escape his doting and temptation. #If you want to be a female emperor, I am willing to bow for you. # #丁——Host, your wife-protecting madman is online! # PS: Strong women and strong men, wonderful happiness, strong pet Su Zhitian! [Recommendation Ending Book: Quick-Passing System: A Handbook of Falling Men Gods]


  • Quick Transmigration Live Broadcast: The Villain Boss is the Female Emperor!
  • 快穿直播:反派BOSS是女帝!
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