The Basic Law of Routines in the Infinite World


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1233 Chapters · 11 Readers
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“Want to know the meaning of life? Want to be true…Are you alive?” “I don’t want to, get out!” “Um… Then I would say another way, do you want to go to the second element?” “how to get to!!!” “Come on, put your head into this noose, and step on the stool under your feet.” Infinite Space Survival Guide: One: Never believe that the Garden of Eden will not issue a mortal mission such nonsense! Two: Never try to guess something from the main mission! Three: Never believe in any price-performance ratio! Four: Never believe that you are the protagonist, because there are countless protagonists here If you can do the above three points, then please open the second page of the “Basic Law of Routines” in front of you. There are still 60 items in it, which are… listen to the class! Teachers hate people who don’t know how to count!


  • The Basic Law of Routines in the Infinite World
  • 无限世界的套路基本法(全本)
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