I Want To Be a Hero Who Can Connect To the Dimension能连接次元的我想成为英雄(全本)

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1292 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Zhao Si Da

Novel Summary

In addition to the boss of Dimensional Firm, Jon holds several positions. Part-time job 1: In the magical girl world, transform into a magical girl evol, kick the night of the witch (completed). Part-time job 2: Incarnation of the boss in the jojo world, fired the first anti-drug shot (completed). Part-time job 3: In the Holy Grail War, transform into a dangerous rabbit tank to pretend to be a berserker job agency to join the hunt (completed). Part-time job 4: Guarding the smile on the face of widows and loneliness (completed). The reason for all this is because he wants to realize the wishes of every guest, and then… Let the people in his world understand the power of heroes.


TitleI Want To Be a Hero Who Can Connect To the Dimension
Raw Title能连接次元的我想成为英雄(全本)
Addition DateMarch 13, 2023
AuthorZhao Si Da
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TagsFanfiction,Interdimensional Travel,Male Protagonist,Store Owner,System