Create a Fantasy World


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400 Chapters · 6 Readers
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That year, Lin Yi crossed. In the world of the second dimension, living an ordinary life, I still like to do something. He once pinched a dragon ball out, and summoned the magic dragon, which brought joy to the world. He took a tortoise and took a nickname called Turtle Immortal. Later, the other person trained a super Saiyan named Sun Wukong. He once planted a batch of miraculous fruits, and the people who ate did not dare to go to the sea, but instead became a strong man at sea, known as EM fruit. He once created the most popular dolls, they saved the world in New York, and also formed a superhero team named Avengers. He built a mechanical planet with building blocks, and later reproduced many robots, claiming to be Transformers. And these legends are just props, dolls and building blocks in Lin Yi’s hands.


  • Create a Fantasy World
  • 打造幻想世界
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