Say Yes To Making Bad Games, What the Hell is Titanfall?


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343 Chapters · 14 Readers
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Author:Bu Luo Fen Zhan Shi

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【I, Shen Miaomiao, was forced to take over a game company at the beginning. 】 Fortunately, the rebate system was awakened in time, as long as the company loses money, the system will compensate with ten times the rebate! Therefore, the goal of this young girl president is to bring down the company! Wealth Freedom! 【I, Gu Sheng, traveled through the opening game and became a game designer. 】 Fortunately, the game treasury system has awakened, as long as it continues to produce popular games, it will be able to ascend to the throne of the king of games! Therefore, the goal of this game director is to become bigger and stronger! Create another glories! … When the rotten president meets the sixth designer, the company’s style of painting gradually abstracts—— “No one plays the mech game you agreed to? What the hell are you doing about Titanfall?” “Is the horror game market poor? What’s your “Escape” situation?” “Is it easy to pay for the second-generation shooting that was agreed? Are you going to remake “Call of Duty”?” Looking at the financial report that was profitable across the board, Shen Miaomiao’s mind was buzzing. She couldn’t lose a penny, so she could only give up her heart! “From now on! Torture the players for me!” She didn’t believe it, she still couldn’t lose the money! Hearing this, Gu Sheng unfolded a stack of plans in his hands: “Look at the boss – black, blood, benevolence, wolf… which one shall we do first?”


TitleSay Yes To Making Bad Games, What the Hell is Titanfall?
Raw Title说好制作烂游戏,泰坦陨落什么鬼
Addition DateMay 23, 2023
AuthorBu Luo Fen Zhan Shi
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TagsMale Protagonist