A Mouthful of Sky-high Fried Rice, Lao Tang Apprenticed on the Spot


836 Chapters
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836 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Yuan Tou Yuan Du Pi

Novel Summary

Li Yi traveled to a parallel world and became a stall host. He obtained a mysterious space where he can learn the inheritance of intangible cultural heritage skills, and through the space, he can master countless lost intangible cultural heritage skills. The [Supreme Emperor Fried Rice] he made made the anchor of Tandian apprentice on the spot in one bite. His bamboo weaving work “Havoc in Heaven” was collected by the Palace Museum at a price of tens of millions. His handmade rouge [Four Beauties] series has driven the stars and female anchors all over the Internet into a frenzy! The audience in the live broadcast room: “At first I thought he was just a fried rice anchor, but I didn’t expect him to be able to weave bamboo.” Cooking skills, bamboo weaving, carving, female celebrity, forging knives… As Li Yi showed more and more intangible cultural heritage skills in the live broadcast, the audience in the live broadcast room were shocked! “Anchor, how much hard work do you have?”


TitleA Mouthful of Sky-high Fried Rice, Lao Tang Apprenticed on the Spot
Raw Title一口天价炒饭,老唐当场拜师
Addition DateJune 13, 2023
AuthorYuan Tou Yuan Du Pi
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All Time Rank#3004
TagsArtists,Celebrities,Male Protagonist,Music,System,Transmigration