Superstars Start with Krypton Gold


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470 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Xiao Xiao Qing Feng

Novel Summary

Others trade life for money, he trades money for life! Earth Youth Chartered Li Zi’an awakened with a krypton gold system through parallel time and space. Here, Huaxia stands at the top of the world, with hundreds of nations bowing down and being the center of world culture. Huaxia University of Art is the cradle of dreams of all art workers in the world and the incubator of world superstars; Longzun Film Festival is the world’s largest film event; Huaying City is a pilgrimage place for global filmmakers… Li Zi’an keeps going on the road of art. He is a great director and a superstar. For survival, for dreams! He has a small goal, that is… Freedom of life!


TitleSuperstars Start with Krypton Gold
Raw Title巨星从氪金开始
Addition DateJune 17, 2023
AuthorXiao Xiao Qing Feng
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TagsMale Protagonist,Romantic Subplot,Shounen-Ai Subplot,Showbiz,Transported to Another World