God Card


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793 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Tang Jian clicked his brain wide, the red card cheating device was activated, the body was shocked, and the feeling of being hollowed out, the card energy and mental strength were increased by 100 points, so he wrote like a god, and the brush strokes fat intestines. Zhang Miao was empty-handed. [Empty Hands Card]: Blue Two Stars; Introduction: You see, you catch, you get! Tang Jian felt that when he made this card, he took a lot of time and tried his best to make a Chunge card. [Chunge Card]: Blue Samsung; Introduction: Full blood, full blue and full state BUFF; When the status is full, Tang Jian activates the special function of the red card cheater – dream. Dream trigger, experience a virtual dream journey comparable to the real world. Dream Mission: Passing through the power, money, and desire spirit series of fantasy cards. Dream level: three-year-old children can easily pass; Dream Rewards: 1. Fighting Spirit Cards – Mind-Reading Cards; 2. Fighting Flesh Cards – Hulk’s Hat… [Newcomer’s new work, I don’t like to turn around and show mercy. 】 ​


  • God Card
  • 神级卡徒
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