Not a trainer this time


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419 Chapters · 40 Readers
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Naoki traveled to the Pokémon world to inherit a ranch, and gained the ability to use cooking to bring magical powers to Pokémon. As a result, some wonderful changes have taken place in the Pokémon in the ranch. The big milk tank that can use [Super Rolling] at 360 degrees without dead angle and back swing, the motorcycle lizard that is as fast as the wind and thunder, where there are afterimages everywhere it passes, and the twin-tailed super super that can fly the Snorby with a hammer Hercules Great Blacksmith... ————— The wild trainer who heard the news specially came to challenge the practice. Naoki: Has the challenger arrived? Steward Rotom: Report to Lotor, he fought Lotor with our family cow. ————— Keywords: Pokémon, farming, ranch, warm daily life, no 996, relaxed, leisurely life, cool text

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  • Not a trainer this time
  • 这次不当训练家了
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