The Legend of Honghuang Erlang


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961 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Sitting up in shock in a dying dream, I have been in for a few years. Mole-free young man Yang Jian crossed the road holding his mobile phone to search for novels. He was happily hit by a truck running through a red light. After waking up, he found that he was badly injured on the soil kang, and there was a cute little Luo with tears beside him. Li… Since Soul Wear is the famous Erlang Shen Yang Jian, there is something that must be done! Apprentice Yuding? Split the mountain to save mother? Physically sanctified? Walking the dog to chase Chang’e? wrong! Wait for him, open the sky axe in his left hand, three-pointed knives in the right hand, attach the golden bow to the waist, and the heavenly dogs eat the sun and the moon. Squeeze that Liu Yanchang to death first, and see who dares to calculate Yang Xiaochan!


  • The Legend of Honghuang Erlang
  • 洪荒二郎传
Addition DateJuly 20, 2023
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