Walk alone in the abyss


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583 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Yan Gui Zheng Chuan

Novel Summary

The moment the earth exploded, the fear of death finally turned into physical suffering, and the pain of being burned was imprinted in the deepest part of Yang Ming's memory. "The universe is the abyss." Yang Ming whispered in the starlight. [PS: Non-game text, there will be a complete logical explanation in the early game setting mid-term. Change the track and start again. It is not the style of the past, so I will not promote it in old books. Just read me as a newcomer. I am new to interstellar sci-fi, and welcome to correct me in detail. There is already a short story seriously sci-fi-oriented "Afterglow", and sci-fi readers can check the goods first. 】


TitleWalk alone in the abyss
Raw Title深渊独行
Addition DateSeptember 2, 2023
AuthorYan Gui Zheng Chuan
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TagsFarming,Futuristic Setting,Game Elements,Male Protagonist,Outer Space