I just want players to save money, but I was made the richest man


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264 Chapters · 29 Readers
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Kejin traveled to an era of chaotic games, where everyone believed in the idea of using money to buy happiness. Game companies were in chaos, and various methods of defrauding and forcing people to gain money were endless. Countless games could even steal money, but still give it back to players. A card drawing simulator was released. As a fan of games in his previous life, Kejin suddenly felt that the sky was dark. Fortunately, he got the Zero Krypton game production system! As long as players don't spend money, they can get the ultimate reward of the "Complete Collection of Game Design Plans"! Not spending money? Isn’t this easy to handle? Give me MengMeng benefits! Give away 50 consecutive cigarettes during the high summer temperatures! Get 100 draws on the second day after the server is launched! Since the daily active users of this game have reached 50, a set of cool skins originally priced at 999 will be given away! The sister-in-law who planned it has just turned 17 years, 3 months and 7 days old, and hereby distributes 50,000 crystals! My sincerity has almost filled the players. After all, no one will be interested anymore, right? Secretary: Mr. Ke, good news! The new game we just launched has already achieved sales of over 100 million on the first day! Ke Jin: Huh? What kind of good news is this? No, what about the other one? Then the game will give away 100-99 vouchers when the game is launched. Is the sales volume very poor? The secretary looked at the boss's expectant face in confusion and said: They shouted something about a company with a conscience, or it would go bankrupt if it didn't pay, and so on, so they charged it up. That game has sold 100 million copies worldwide. Congratulations on making 100 million! "..." At 3:30 that night, Ke Jin was lying in bed, unable to sleep, and sent a message: Please stop cheating, you are really hurting me... Player: Got it, Mr. Ke said that life is hard, brothers, please increase your efforts! Charge me!


  • I just want players to save money, but I was made the richest man
  • 只想让玩家省钱的我却被氪成首富
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