Real Game: I Exposed the Old Ones


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445 Chapters · 17 Readers
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[Small world style, Cthulhu theme, no harem, joy] Zhu Zheng awakened the golden finger - the real game system. Control the protagonist of the game and ride in the game world! After the game is edited and released, you can also use the popularity points gained by the game characters to summon them to reality! "What game are you playing today?" Zhu Zheng hummed a tune and opened the system panel. —— 【Dagon】 [On the weird island deep in the Styx, an indescribable existence is sleeping. You decide to go and investigate. 】 [Difficulty: Three Stars] —— 【The Fallen Capital of R'lye】 [Squidward waved his tentacles and extended an invitation to the world - a one-day trip to R'lye, with enough seafood at the cost of a fresh brain. 】 [Difficulty: four stars. 】 —— 【Running Nayako】 [Young man, if you place the 'Sparkling Trioctahedron' in absolute darkness, you can win Nayako's favor! 】 [Difficulty: five stars. 】 —— With the golden finger, Zhu Zheng established his power and reached the pinnacle of his life. But...... The Old Ones: We were hiding well, and you exposed us? Zhu Zheng: The dog system tricked me! [The new book I Have an Internet Celebrity Weird Company has been released, please pay attention]


  • Real Game: I Exposed the Old Ones
  • 真实游戏:我曝光了旧日支配者
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