People In Konoha, Collecting Corpses on the Battlefield For Ten Years


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218 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Qi Lu San Zhi Jiao

Novel Summary

Maruyama Kifeng woke up and became Konoha’s corpse collector. “Kakashi, where is your father buried?” “Tsunade-sama, where is your grandfather buried?” “Kurozutsu, where is Uchiha Madara buried?” [Successfully touch the corpse! Obtain Konoha Kamihagaki Sakumo Whitefang Sword Skill Card! 】 [Successfully touch the corpse! Get the Konoha first generation Naruto Senjuku experience card! 】 [Successfully touch the corpse! Obtain Konoha Rebellion Shinobu Uchiha Madara Reincarnation Eye! 】 …… In the three battles that year, people only remember the corpse of Konoha who swears to guard the body of his companion. Kakashi: “He is a righteous ninja, he let the dead sleep in their hometown.” Four generations of Raikage: “He is a respectable ninja, his? I Wei’s companion’s corpse behavior deserves our respect.” Uchiha Madara: “He is a thief! A thief!” Maruyama Kifeng: “…I’m just a corpse collector.”


TitlePeople In Konoha, Collecting Corpses on the Battlefield For Ten Years
Raw Title人在木叶,战场收尸十年
Addition DateSeptember 1, 2022
AuthorQi Lu San Zhi Jiao
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