They are all reborn, who will fall in love?


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583 Chapters · 15 Readers
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Author:Cuo Na Er Liao

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Struggling until the age of thirty-eight and not being able to afford a house, you have to pay 300,000 dowry in advance to get married, and spend most of your life frugally, until your liver is broken, but what about the money? Who made the money? With countless grievances, Jiang Qin was born again at the age of eighteen. His only thought when he opened his eyes was to start a business and make money. The first step is to snatch back the love letter that was sent out, turn it over, and write three lines in the shocked eyes of the school girl: It is impossible to work part-time now! I just want wealth and freedom, and never be a slave! As for love? Dogs don't even talk about that stuff!


TitleThey are all reborn, who will fall in love?
Raw Title都重生了谁谈恋爱啊
Addition DateAugust 4, 2023
AuthorCuo Na Er Liao
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TagsCollege/University,Male Protagonist,Reincarnation