Returning from the low-magic world, do artificial intelligence first


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678 Chapters · 32 Readers
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Author:Wu Jie Chao

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Wang Yi, who just came back from the low-magic world to achieve the legend, decided to use an artificial intelligence to be his own housekeeper... Also known as "My Skeleton Can Turn Screws", "There is a problem with your game", "Resident Evil's Threat to the Necromancer", "The Mage Tower Lights up the World When the Abyss Invades", "8 Billion Humans Invade Another World" ———— The book "The Evil God Is Myself!" has been completed! ", "Infinite Prophet", "Eye of Breaking the Law" and other works, you can eat them with confidence.


TitleReturning from the low-magic world, do artificial intelligence first
Raw Title从低魔世界归来,先做人工智能
Addition DateAugust 9, 2023
AuthorWu Jie Chao
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TagsArtificial Intelligence,Male Protagonist,Returning from Another World,Scientists