Marvel: I am the Man of Steel!


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628 Chapters · 17 Readers
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Author:Liu Lian Ma Zha

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From Man of Steel to Silver Superman. Study the symbiote for Iron Man, and bring back the little Morgan from the zombie universe. Thanos of the Family Planning Office by hand, the comic version of the old Thanos. Even big-headed doll space watchers have to ask me for help. As for Infinity Gems Ultron? Can't survive two chapters of e-waste. The blackened Clark, the unknown black robe, the Celestial Group, and the Time Management Bureau fought all the way with their fists. Many years later, Lin Feng held the Cosmic Cube in his left hand and the Fire Seed Source in his right. What? Why do you say these two things are humanoid? Hiss... It's a bit long to say this...


TitleMarvel: I am the Man of Steel!
Raw Title漫威:我就是钢铁之躯!(全本)
Addition DateAugust 23, 2023
AuthorLiu Lian Ma Zha
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