I think it's reasonable


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372 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Tian Luo Lei Guang

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That day, you forgot to bring your keys when you went home, so you spent money to find a locksmith. While waiting for the lock to be unlocked, you are thinking, if only you know how to unlock the door, then you won’t have to waste money if you forget to bring the key. So you start digging...  … "How can you open the fingerprint lock of your mobile phone with this wire?!" "Fingerprint lock, isn't it also a lock? It's reasonable to think about it." Friends think it's outrageous. "Where is it outrageous? The master electrician has been in the industry for ten years, and you can tell if there is any leakage. The technology is close to the Tao, understand?" friend:"......" "And to say it's outrageous...Persistence is an outrageous thing. I persisted, and then I gained something. What's the problem?" Friend: "...No." Bai Nian put down the wire, thinking, is this outrageous? You haven't seen the prizes in my other system prize pool yet. Please contribute more emotional points to me, and wait for me to draw more outrageous ones to open your eyes!  …


TitleI think it's reasonable
Raw Title俺寻思这挺合理的
Addition DateAugust 30, 2023
AuthorTian Luo Lei Guang
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