One-click Upgrade of the Super Decomposition System


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921 Chapters · 35 Readers
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Author:Ba Huang Feng Yu Ge

Novel Summary

Jiang Hao, a senior high school student, approached the college entrance examination and suddenly decomposed the synthesis system. “Ding, break down a math book and get a math crystallization!” “Ding, break down one ant, and get the talent magic power: Juli!” “Ding, break down a spider, and gain a talent skill: Danger perception!” “Ding, break down some cancer cells, and get the talent magical power: the undead!” “Ding, break down a female ghost, and get the talent magic power: magic power!”…… “Ding, decompose a copy of “The Book of Changes” and get Yi Tianshen arithmetic!” “Ding, decompose “Xiaoyaoyou” and gain the Beiming Swallowing God Power!” “Ding, break down a thousand-year-old dragon, and get the blood of the dragon!” “Ding, break down one tree and get one seed of the world tree!”…… From then on, Jiang Hao began to unlock the new posture of this world with the decomposition and synthesis system!


TitleOne-click Upgrade of the Super Decomposition System
Raw Title超级分解系统一键升级
Addition DateSeptember 13, 2022
AuthorBa Huang Feng Yu Ge
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TagsCheats,Cold Protagonist,Early Romance,Fast Cultivation,Game Elements,Game Ranking System,Male Protagonist,Multiple Realms,Overpowered Protagonist,Poor to Rich,System