Douluo: Humans are peerless, fake gods


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662 Chapters · 40 Readers
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【Peerless Tang Sect Tongren Wen, there is already a complete book fighting together. 】 Travel to the peerless Tang Sect period in Douluo Continent. The young man known as a fake of the gods, faced with treating all living beings as worthless, manipulated fate arbitrarily, and plundered the God King Tang who belonged to the luck of the Douluo Continent. There are only two paths in front of us: stand up and resist or be at the mercy of it. He resolutely chose the former: in the name of Unlimited Sword System, control his own destiny! Who said fakes must not be as good as genuine ones? Who said that only by being loyal to the God Realm can one become a god? Just let me break everything down! When I enter the God Realm, the gods will usher in the greatest reckoning! Seeing the Douluo army with a Shura magic sword in their hands, Tang Shenwang doubted his life. This book is also known as: "Man in Douluo, Wholesale Artifacts" Title of the male lead: Excellent graduate of the Sun and Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, lifelong honorary researcher of Mingde Hall, Optimus Prime of the Sun and Moon Empire, best comrade-in-arms of the Sun and Moon Emperor, the man behind the Lord of the Extreme North, the star of the Star Forest Best allies, fake gods. ps: Anti-Tang San, loving father and filial daughter, not licking Shrek, Sun Moon Soul Engineering Academy.


  • Douluo: Humans are peerless, fake gods
  • 斗罗:人在绝世,赝品神灵
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