Wizard: This witcher is not doing his job properly


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352 Chapters · 85 Readers
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As a sports student, after being hit and killed by a dump truck, he unexpectedly became a demon hunter in Kaer Morhen. Wayne felt very embarrassed. A half-elf demon hunter who is disgusting to everyone, in this era where unruly people are everywhere, evil gods are prosperous, monsters are rampant, and the kings and nobles are all mentally retarded, he feels like he is full of buffs. Fortunately, God has not let down the time traveler. The exclusive demon hunter system has given Wayne the capital to settle down in this world. For the safety of himself and those around him, and in order to survive better, Wayne had to pick up two swords and fight for his own future in this era of swords and magic. This book is also known as "The Witcher of Life", "The Daily Life of the Gwent Master", and "The Story the Sorceress and I Have to Tell". ps: The "Witcher" series is one of my favorite games, and I hope to create a good work.


  • Wizard: This witcher is not doing his job properly
  • 巫师:这个猎魔人不务正业
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