Bleach: Seireitei's self-disciplined captain


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353 Chapters · 48 Readers
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Sufeng, who traveled through the world of death, unlocked the strong self-discipline system and became the captain of the ninth division. In the eyes of others, his life is very disciplined. One hundred push-ups, one hundred sit-ups, one hundred squats every day, and a ten-kilometer long run, rain or shine. Occasionally arrest criminals, go to Flower Street to drink from time to time, and enjoy the intrigues of the conspirators. Sufeng fulfilled his duties as captain with ease and joy. Over time, he successfully became a strong man. Until that day, when the twins were liberated and the anti-membrane enveloped them, Aizen stood on the top of the sky, announcing the arrival of the king to the world. Under the gaze of countless eyes, the isolation of the world was cut off with a single stroke. "As the captain of the prison team, I have the obligation to prevent all criminal acts. Is this reasonable?" Facing the completely confused captains, Sufeng smiled gently and said...


  • Bleach: Seireitei's self-disciplined captain
  • 死神:瀞灵廷的自律队长
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