Douluo gold and silver dragon god


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650 Chapters · 29 Readers
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Gu Chen, who came from the earth, was reborn as the Golden Dragon King. During the Battle of the Dragon God, he took the Silver Dragon King Gu Yuena to escape through time and space and came to Dou Yi's Star Forest. Because of Gu Chen, he and Gu Yuena were not seriously injured. In order to develop the power of soul beasts on Douluo Continent, the two beasts sealed their own strength, transformed into human forms, and penetrated into the human world. Gu Chen, who brought Gu Yuena and Tang San's team to join Shrek Academy, exposed his talent and attracted forcible recruitment by the strong men of Wuhun Palace. "Can you tell me why you want to take me away from Shrek?" Gu Yuena's crystal-like purple eyes showed doubts. Gu Chen grinned, looking at the reluctant eyes of Tang San and others as well as Gu Yuena in front of him, and replied: "Only by mastering the Spirit Hall can the spirit beast turn around!" … Let's see how Gu Chen and Gu Yuena, who are in Dou Yi World, lead the soul beasts to unify the continent and fight back to the God Realm! (Systematic, single female protagonist, written by a new writer, hope for support) (Reject nonsense, please do not give three stars and below ratings) (For the needs of the plot, the strength of the Dragon God will be weakened, so the original party should be careful)


  • Douluo gold and silver dragon god
  • 斗罗之金银龙神
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