Evil will not deceive you


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898 Chapters · 22 Readers
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People who deal with demons generally have little conscience. They are crazy and willing to sacrifice everything in the world for power and benefit. But Li Ke felt that he should have some conscience. Whether it is building high-rise buildings for people in the Middle Ages, letting knights who breed sheep buy textile looms, letting elves play in the entertainment industry and live broadcasting to bring goods, summoning succubi to be hotel waiters, using the Burning Legion and evil energy to destroy garbage, or let The orcs can safely exchange their labor for fried chicken and watermelon, which reflects his conscience. Although he offered sacrifices, made deals with demons, summoned the undead, had different conspiracies with royal family members and nobles, and even had bad thoughts about the dragons that guarded the world. But he still felt that he had a conscience. "At least I wasn't hung from a street lamp, right?" ——Li Ke·Conscience Sir "perhaps."


  • Evil will not deceive you
  • 邪能并不会欺骗你
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