Have you cleared the level again? !


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266 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:40Jing Gao

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Independent game producer Fang Qi travels to the future of parallel time and space, and spends his days having fun in the gaming industry. He inadvertently becomes a "demigod, half dog" in the hearts of players. In his spare time, he battles wits and courage with his boss, and accidentally defeats the female CEO. Got a girlfriend On the Star Game Alliance Annual Awards podium, the host said: "Mr. Fang Qi, the game developed by you has won the best of the year six times in a row. Can you tell me how you achieve such high productivity and frequent masterpieces?" Posted by? Where does the inspiration for the gameplay ideas in your game come from? Also, why are the games you have made recently becoming more and more difficult? " Fang Qi: "I can't help it. My girlfriend cleared the level too quickly. I went through so much trouble just to stop her!"


TitleHave you cleared the level again? !
Raw Title你又通关了?!
Addition DateNovember 14, 2023
Author40Jing Gao
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TagsAlternate World,Business Management,Futuristic Setting,Game Elements,Male Protagonist,Transmigration