I have a knife, I can kill monsters when I take it out of its sheath


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Add some flow, horizontally push flow, ruthless flow, upgrade flow, refreshing literary flow, Confucianism and Taoism flow, Wenzhao Gong flow, and decisive killing flow. Having said so much, let me introduce myself first. The person standing in front of you now is... Unparalleled ruthless man, endless killing god, crazy man-slaughterer, weird butcher, demon-killer in the borderlands, demon-suppressing envoy of Great Xia, scavenger in forbidden areas, buryer of immortals, collector of corpses of gods, the only immortal great god of war, the best in Confucianism and Taoism A powerful saint, the supreme being respected by all races, the great master of reincarnation in the heavens... What? There are too many names to remember? Um…… Well, my name is Ji Chen, whose courtesy name is Beigui, and I come from the earth. I was eighteen years old at that time. I was alone and had a knife. I slashed at random from Penglai East Road to Nantianmen West without batting an eye. Looking back, the world is behind me and the heavens are under my feet. At the meeting of all races, Ji Chen looked down at all the races in the world and said with emotion: "There is no peaceful time, all because of you old cousins."


  • I have a knife, I can kill monsters when I take it out of its sheath
  • 我有一把刀,出鞘即斩妖
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