I picked up attributes in Weird Tokyo


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370 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Simple version: Weird Tokyo, no fuss, no fuss, Kitahara Ryosuke unfurled a banner: "It's urgent to find a soul-killer wife who loses a lot of attributes every day, and wait online." —————————————— Story version: A gloomy door was slowly opened. The strange thing locked inside is covered with blood-red eyes, which is extremely terrifying. But when it saw the person clearly, it instantly became docile and well-behaved, and even rubbed its head against the man's trouser leg. However, Kitahara Ryosuke walked in and pretended not to see it. He silently picked up the attributes that had fallen on the floor and walked to the next room. The female evil master from the red organization next door was desperate. When she saw Ryosuke Kitahara, she immediately begged with all her strength: "Brother, please say something..." "I'm willing to say, I'm willing to say anything. Please, ask me one question, just one question. Please don't go, don't go!..." After picking up the attributes, Kitahara Ryosuke walked to the next room.


  • I picked up attributes in Weird Tokyo
  • 我在诡异东京捡属性
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