Become a full-time hunter and become the Supreme Will


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275 Chapters · 20 Readers
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Author:Luo Guo Man Tou

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Reborn... The first world is full-time hunter. He didn't even expect that the first character he met would be the famous pervert, madman, fruit farmer, etc... Hisoka! Fortunately, there is intelligent artificial assistance formed by the AI system. Hao said: "No matter who you are, as an omniscient time traveler, I will let you see what it is like to develop your telekinesis to the extreme... and make full use of your abilities!" Students, put down your little books, the teacher is going to give a lecture!


TitleBecome a full-time hunter and become the Supreme Will
Raw Title从全职猎人开始成为无上意志
Addition DateSeptember 23, 2023
AuthorLuo Guo Man Tou
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TagsFanfiction,Hunters,Male Protagonist,Reincarnation,Transmigration