People in the box garden, join the chat group of Wanjie


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549 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Dui Zhi Wang

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[Exclusive signing novel of Feilu People in the box garden, join the Wanjie chat group] This is the Hakoniwa world where millions of gods exist! Ye Luo, who came to Little Garden, was just about to work hard to revitalize the power of the community. But suddenly received an invitation from Wanjie chat skirt. Ruo Ye Ji Se: "You told the worst god in the universe that she is not bad?" Narutaki: "I need a strong warrior to help me destroy that nasty decade!" Butterfly Shinobi: "By the way, are human beings really no match for the Ghost King?" Since then, new changes have emerged. Establish cooperation with the spirit world of eating halberds to make spirit soup and medicinal food. In the kiva world, after obtaining the power of the dark kiva and the sword of the demon emperor, he was mistaken by the vampires for the ancient king and ruled the world. Build an elite kiva series knight hunter unit, bear the name of knight, and rebuild Hakoniwa Knight Army! Planting spiritual plants, and large-scale breeding of Qijiela flowers in the Tiga world, to make gift items-life potions,


TitlePeople in the box garden, join the chat group of Wanjie
Raw Title人在箱庭,加入万界聊天群(全本)
Addition DateMarch 26, 2023
AuthorDui Zhi Wang
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TagsChat Rooms,Gods,Male Protagonist,Reincarnation,Transmigration