A Pirate's Bizarre Adventure


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909 Chapters · 36 Readers
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Name: Jon Joestar Stand-in - "Door" Ability: Control all things related to the concept of "door" within a radius of one hundred meters, and can also open invisible doors at any location and enter the "inner world" [Destructive power: E] [Speed: C] [Range: B] [Sustainability: E] [Precision: A] [Growthability: A] ... All in all, this is the story of Jon who traveled through time and became the youngest son of Er Qiao (Joseph Joestar). He went to Egypt with Jotaro and others to kill DIO, but accidentally let his stand evolve and had the ability to open the 'World of Realms'. Gate's ability story. PS. The protagonist is a scornful person, acts without scruples, and is just a happy person. (Mainly the game and anime world, open worlds: One Piece, JOJO's Bizarre Adventure (34567), One Punch Man, Demon Slayer, Soul Cage, Marvel, Kamen Rider W, Black Robe Picket, Bleach , overlord, mystery, chainsaw man, spell battle...) Tags: comprehensive comics, games, semi-invincible flow, cool articles, substitute messengers, JOJO


  • A Pirate's Bizarre Adventure
  • 海贼开始的奇妙冒险
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