Bird Soul: Unparalleled National Warriors at the Beginning


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445 Chapters · 5 Readers
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In this world of Mahjong Supreme, there is no dispute that cannot be resolved by a game of Mahjong. Nan Yan, who was a professional sparrow warrior in his previous life, traveled to this world and obtained a god-level role-playing system at the beginning, and the system's template was the strongest sparrow warrior in each world. With his own card strength and the support of the system, Nan Yan is bound to reach the top of the world's mahjong. K: My scientific mahjong, my probability statistics, completely failed in front of him! Tian Guishi: Turn off the lights and turn on the switch, watch my swallow return to its nest, and use the pure Nine Lotus Lantern to deal with him! Damn it, how come he is riding alone with one color, one color, four hi, and four secret carvings, and has six times the battle limit! What a cheating kid! Gong Yongzhao: My demon mirror couldn't see through his abilities, and he stopped me halfway on the ladder to heaven! Who is this person! Akagi Shigeru: Hiko, it seems that only you can recreate that legendary night! ———— The fusion world of Card Fighting Legend + Mahjong Genius Girl, you can play cards with super powers, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know Mahjong, the author will teach you!


  • Bird Soul: Unparalleled National Warriors at the Beginning
  • 雀魂:开局国士无双
Addition DateSeptember 30, 2023
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