From small town academic to chief scientist


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401 Chapters · 24 Readers
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The universe is vast, the particles are microscopic, the speed of rockets, the ingenuity of chemical engineering, the changes in the earth, the mysteries of living things, and the complexity of daily necessities. Mathematics is used everywhere. Mathematics and aerospace, mathematics and national defense and security, mathematics and biomedicine; Mathematics and information technology, mathematics and energy, mathematics and ocean; Mathematics and artificial intelligence, mathematics and advanced manufacturing, Mathematics and the sea of stars! "If the 19th century was the century of mathematics in the West and the 20th century was the century of mathematics in China, then the 21st century must be our century of mathematics. We can firmly tell the world that we are back." “Technology changes the world, and mathematics changes technology.” "Competition between countries is not so much a competition of scientific and technological strength, but rather a competition of mathematical talents. In today's world, we will definitely be a super power in mathematics and a super power in science and technology!" This is a story from a controversial, tormented, and experienced rural subject-matter to a chief academician. The new book "Academician of a Great Power: Being Defamated and Secretly Photographed on the Subway at the Beginning". This book has a high order volume of 16,000 and has won the "Science Fiction Bestseller Award" from Qidian. The quality is guaranteed.


  • From small town academic to chief scientist
  • 从小镇学霸到首席科学家
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