The wealth that breaks the sky moves the universe


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316 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Xin Suan Yan

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"As such a young alchemist, if you invest in me, I will repay you with a guaranteed profit! What are you waiting for?" "Yes, I am so good at refining medicine, how powerful do you think my teacher is?" "I can give you all the martial arts and fighting skills. If you ask for pills, I will make them for you. What reason do you have for not following me?" "There is no problem that money cannot solve. The root of the problem is that you have no money." "Practice is not about fighting and killing, but about being human and understanding the world." "Huh? Am I invincible? Emperor Hun Tian will die!" This is a different story of Xiao Yan. Current extra story - the son-in-law of the ancient clan


TitleThe wealth that breaks the sky moves the universe
Raw Title斗破苍穹之财动乾坤
Addition DateOctober 2, 2023
AuthorXin Suan Yan
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TagsAlchemy,Business Management,Male Protagonist,Pill Concocting,Transmigration