A certain scientific pirate


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345 Chapters · 9 Readers
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"When I first sneaked into the warship, the sailors on the ship had not yet formed combat effectiveness. They lacked artillery, lacked experience, and most importantly, lacked personnel. There were only two or three big cats and kittens, and they couldn't even catch the 10 million bounty criminals. . The boat was small, the sails were in tatters, and two people could not even separate three cannonballs. I went to the Navy Admiral Yan Yuan to ask for supplies. What do you think the Admiral said? ‘I don’t have any supplies, my life is at stake. Look how much my head is worth. If you have the guts, chop off my head and exchange it for a cannon. ’ You are so speechless. If I could kill you, I would kill you long ago. Then I thought, I can't kill him instantly, but he can't be killed by me instantly. No one can do things beyond his ability. This thought made me feel balanced. In this way, when I first started my maritime career, I couldn't even deal with the low-class pirates. It could be said that I was stuck in a thorny road...


  • A certain scientific pirate
  • 某科学的海贼
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