I sell jars in Douluo


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475 Chapters · 54 Readers
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Lin Xiao traveled to Douluo Continent and obtained a lucky jar system. This is a system that uses money to create happiness. Any item in the world can be found in the jar. For every jar sold, he can get a jar with ten times the explosive rate. The first world that Lin Xiao is bound to is the dungeon world, where all props in the game can be produced. Awakening scrolls, shining world instruments, strengthening scrolls... and other game props also incorporate Douluo characteristics. Ning Rongrong obtained the Awakening Scroll from the Lucky Jar...the martial soul awakened into the Nine Treasures Glazed Tower. Dugu Yan got the shining world instrument from the lucky jar and got rid of the poison attached to his bones. Emperor Xueye used the fate coin, failed in judgment, and died unfortunately. . Tang Hao looked at the broken soul rings on the ground with a sad look on his face: "It's too difficult. It's really difficult to strengthen... I will never be able to get to 11." Lin Xiao patted Tang Hao's shoulder: "No gambling dog loses every day, and no child cries every day. It's definitely not a loss to open another jar..." During the war of gods. Tang San was extremely arrogant with dual god positions. The nine red, one gold, and ten soul rings that appeared under his feet were extremely shocking. Bibi Dong had a look of pride on her face: "Tang San, even if you are the God of Poseidon and God of Shura, I am not afraid at all, because... I already have thirteen soul rings in my body!" Tang San was dumbfounded. How is it possible that someone’s soul ring can’t be broken even if it’s thirteen? Drag, definitely drag!


  • I sell jars in Douluo
  • 我在斗罗卖罐子
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