Douluo: Wuhun Black Turtle, anti-armor critical attack at the beginning


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484 Chapters · 31 Readers
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Author:Song Fei Shu Yuan

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[Free and popular products on the entire network] [Editor-in-Chief Recommendation] [Excellent Works] [One of the Greatest Works on the List] Once Huang Wei traveled across the Douluo Continent, he awakened the Black Turtle, a martial soul full of innate soul power. Join Wuhun Hall and become Bibi Dong’s personal disciple! Fighting, I don't like it! I love lying down comfy! Hit me, very good. I will activate my martial spirit. You guys fight slowly! Huang Wei also activated the turtle invincibility system, activated the turtle clan's talent of turtle longevity, and at the same time clicked on all defenses. No matter what blue silver entanglement you have, what mainland Clear Sky Hammer, or Seven Killing Sword, I will use a turtle shell to suppress it! Chen Xin: You may not believe it. I wanted to try this turtle shell, but... the Seven Kills Sword broke into pieces! Tang Hao: My mainland's first martial spirit weapon, the Clear Sky Hammer, actually broke into pieces! Tang San: Don't come over! Blue and silver winding! ! … Looking at the increasingly terrifying Huang Wei, the enemy fell into deep thought. Please stop being defensive! ! !


TitleDouluo: Wuhun Black Turtle, anti-armor critical attack at the beginning
Raw Title斗罗:武魂玄龟,开局反甲暴击(全本)
Addition DateFebruary 10, 2024
AuthorSong Fei Shu Yuan
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TagsMale Protagonist,Special Abilities,System,Transmigration,Douluo Dalu