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160 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Xue Yu Xin Feng

Novel Summary

(This book is also known as "Who asked him to learn magic!" "You call this magic?" "This is very mysterious" "The crooked student at the Magic Academy" and "Approaching Magic") A survey found that more than half of the authors of fantasy novels don’t understand magic at all! As a popular science book, this book will lead readers to enter the magic academy from the perspective of the protagonist Russell, appreciate the elegance of witchcraft education in the 21st century, correctly understand the modern world of occultism, and establish a scientific understanding of witchcraft in the new century. The story of the novel takes place in the magic academy, and the background is rooted in the 21st century and has rich background characteristics of the times. The writing is humorous and humorous, making people laugh. ———— The power system of this book: First grade (ordinary), second grade (elite), third grade (strong), fourth grade (powerful), fifth grade (legendary)


Raw Title魔法!
Addition DateNovember 4, 2023
AuthorXue Yu Xin Feng
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TagsAcademy,Magic,Male Protagonist