I, the motherland, do whatever I want


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486 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:Shen Zhi Ge Zhe

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The soul of "Black Robe Picket" became the true villain of the "Motherland". Azu was immediately unhappy. But I soon discovered that my talents had proficiency levels, and when I reached the proficiency level, I could upgrade and derive new talents. [Your ‘Cyclops’ proficiency is full. 】 [Now upgraded to ‘Cyclops +1’. 】 [Cyclops +1: cutting power +50%, penetration +20%, overall power +35%] [Your ‘Man of Steel’ proficiency is full. 】 [Now upgraded to ‘Steel Body +1’. 】 [When you upgrade ‘Man of Steel’, you will derive a new talent ‘Self-Healing’. 】 [Self-healing: Wound healing speed +300%] This is different. After I advance a few levels, let’s see who dares to say that I am a degraded version of Super! With absolute strength, you can do whatever you want. "I think he has changed and is no longer such a jerk. Especially that day when he took me to the sky forcefully. God, it was the most exciting and romantic night I have ever spent." - Queen Maeve. "Don't disobey the people of the motherland. Vice President Madeleine is a living example. I will never forget that day." - Ashley. "The people of the motherland are the most just and righteous superheroes I have ever seen. He gave Robin and I justice. Yes, he executed the locomotive. He is my idol!" - Huey.


TitleI, the motherland, do whatever I want
Raw Title我,祖国人,为所欲为
Addition DateNovember 5, 2023
AuthorShen Zhi Ge Zhe
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TagsMale Protagonist,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Reincarnation,System