Pastor's Tantra


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720 Chapters · 50 Readers
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During the ritual to summon the devil, Aiwass finally recalled the memories of his past life. This should be an online game published and operated by its own company for six years. Now his adoptive father is the latest version of the leader of the villain organization. And his identity will be exposed six years later, and he will jump back from the protagonist's side. In the end, because he decided to block a fatal blow for the player character, he was beaten to death by the eldest brother in the cutscene CG without even having a chance to enter the book. ——But actually it’s not a big problem. Because Aiwass also knows many secret promotion routes that are exclusive to player characters, as well as the rules of each path as secret knowledge, I am sure he will be able to reverse his unfortunate fate... So now there's only one question left. "According to the original plot, shouldn't I have been rescued by the protagonist before this ridiculous ritual started?" Aiwass, who was tied to the ceremonial stage as a sacrifice, fell into deep thought. —————— This book is also called "When Plot Skip Players Enter the Game World" Keywords: victorian fantasy, amber flow There have been "Player Super Justice", "Toppled Tower", "Mercury Blood" and other works with a total of nearly 10 million words completed. The credibility is guaranteed!


  • Pastor's Tantra
  • 牧者密续
Addition DateDecember 12, 2023
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