Game Design: Is it possible? CaiGou


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357 Chapters · 37 Readers
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Cai Gou traveled through the parallel world where the game flourished and obtained the game entry system. Once you unlock the entry, you can consume the emotional value to redeem the corresponding game. The [Hardcore] entry is unlocked at the beginning. In order to gain emotional value, Cai Gou can only choose to be a bitter player. [Hypoxia]: "In order to play this game, I studied human management, oxygen production, electricity, pipelines, automation and other knowledge in advance. The game is a good game. In fact, it doesn't take much effort on my brain, but it takes more time on my hair!" [Looking for Immortality]: "No, what does this game strategy mean that it will outlive me?" [Civilization 6]: "Play a game at eight o'clock in the evening, and after playing it, you will find yourself at 7:30. A cup of tea, a pack of cigarettes, and one game for a day. Other games can make you money, but this game of yours can make you lose your life!" [Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice]: "I bought this for my child. I made a promise to die once and study for five minutes. Now I have been admitted to Qingbei and I have died many times. The only problem with my child now is that he always looks at the word "death". Cheng Cai Zi!” Although the games produced by Cai Gou are hard-core and make players want to die, when faced with the developer's message "Is it okay?" Vegetable dog! ], the players were firmly divided into two groups. Radicals think the game is not hardcore enough! Conservatives think radicals are too conservative! Seeing that each player was more aggressive than the other, Cai Gou waved his hand: "[Hardcore] You can stop me, but if I unlock the terms [Abstract], [Depressed], [Free], [Real], [World], etc., how should you respond?"


  • Game Design: Is it possible? CaiGou
  • 游戏设计:行不行啊,菜狗
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