My superpowers are refreshed every week


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Chen Yuan found that he would refresh his superpowers every week. In the first week, he saw a red number hanging on any object with life characteristics, ranging from hundreds, thousands, to tens of thousands. The smallest number he saw was a teddy with a head on its head. The number was 0.00001, and the next second it was run over by a big truck. In the second week, he discovered that he could hear other people's thoughts without any control. Whatever the other person was thinking would be poured into his mind, which made him completely afraid to go to public places such as subway shopping malls. . Moreover, I no longer dare to look directly at the usually dull and silent woman with bangs and glasses in the back seat... Continuously, he refreshed special abilities such as [Dream Connection] and [Body Exchange]. A few weeks later, his superpower suddenly stopped updating, and he lived peacefully for several days. Just when he thought he was finally returning to a peaceful life, a girl in a red dress stood under the ginkgo tree and said to him He tilted his head: "Can you see me?"


  • My superpowers are refreshed every week
  • 我的超能力每周刷新
Addition DateNovember 12, 2023
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