The sun is high


420 Chapters
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420 Chapters · 21 Readers
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Author:Ling Yi Sheng

Novel Summary

The miners are hammering away in the crystallized mines that never see the light of day. Orders from the Council of Mages are passed back and forth between the kingdoms. The emerging steam ordnance became popular at an alarming rate. Even the giant-eared goblins, who had always been bold, became nervous. In this world he created with his own hands, Sugar Ernst was at a loss. He didn't know too many details. But he knew that the black sun, symbolizing destruction and a new era, was about to come. ………… PS: A lot of fantasy, a little steampunk, a dash of Dioctulu, and an imaginary world war (fog). Hope you all like it~


TitleThe sun is high
Raw Title黑日高悬
Addition DateNovember 16, 2023
AuthorLing Yi Sheng
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TagsMale Protagonist,Mythology